Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Answered, Unanswered, or Postponed?

I take it back. There were so many times when I was running in the summer heat and I prayed for a slight breeze, but now I take it all back. Running in the summer was actually fairly grueling by the time July rolled around. I distinctly remember a day when I actually contemplated drinking from someone's sprinkler...seriously. And for all I know, I may have actually done it too. When I tried to recreate that same run with my boyfriend later that week, I couldn't figure out where I had gone that led me out to the place I had ended! Although I am tired of winter, I can still remember those scorching runs and the prayers I said over and over in my head begging God for just a slight breeze.
When people say God works in mysterious ways, I guess it is right. Extremely mysterious. I am fairly certain that God answered all those prayers at I was running against the most ridiculous wind ever today! It was seriously nuts. I only went out on a 3 miler, but I felt so exhausted by the time I got home...and actually, I felt exhausted way before that. In fact, I felt exhausted in the first .10 of the first mile!
I live on a dead end, so I walk up to the end of the block to start my run. I immediately thought about turning around and going home with the first step on the street where my route begins. I just wanted to quit. In the end, I didn't quit. I went the whole distance, but it was a long and windy road.

I can't decide if I should stop trying to listen to music when I run. I know people who hate listening to music when they run, and I know people who hate running if they don't have music. I just really can't decide. I didn't listen to music when I trained for my first half marathon because I felt like it messed up my pacing. I have been trying it out both ways the past couple weeks, but today I got scared while I was running. I don't crank the music and make my ears bleed like it is apparently fashionable to these days, but it is still hard to hear if there is anything coming up behind you. Now I am a fairly skiddish in the first place, but not being able to hear amplified that today. As I was running, a leaf brushed passed me, and I jumped ten feet in the air. I think I was more frightened by the leaf than I was yesterday when the wiener dog that chases me brought out reinforcements...a mini Yorkie-Poo...he was vicious.

Tunes or no tunes? That is the question.

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  1. 1) I have totally taken water from sprinklers in random lawns in the heat. I drink it, I run through it, I USE it. In high school, my cross country team would take cookies to the firs station a couple times a season, and in return, they would spray us every time we ran by. It was amazing.

    2) I listen to music when I'm inside on a treadmill but not when I'm outside... for the same reasons as you. I want to know if someone is coming up behind me. I run MUCH better WITH music, though, so I don't like what our world has come to... not being able to run outside with headphones in without being paranoid. It sucks.