Sunday, April 28, 2013

Running with Scissors

I have spent way too much money lately on running gear. At the same time, I have really been wanting either a medal hanger or bib display book. When I looked at one of my favorite websites, I realized that the cost was more than what I wanted to spend at this time. I also know that I will want to sign up for more small races this summer, but I am pretty sure that my fiance will have to remind me soon that we are still saving for our wedding if I keep spending money on race entries and running gear and whatnot. That is why I decided to spend my evening making my own medal hanger as my relaxing activity after our 10 miler yesterday.

I have never been all that creative or crafty. It is funny because people kind of expect me to be, or they assume that crafting would be my kind of thing, but the truth is that I suck at it. I had some projects from my 4-H craft class win some blue ribbons when I was a kid, but really, the teacher did most of the work over my shoulder as I sat quietly watching. It could be because I had a small accident in the flower arranging class the year before...there was a hot glue gun involved. And when I had to take mandatory junior high art class, my dad went to the teacher during conference night for a report. I think he mainly went to see her because my brother also had her that year, and he was....well...Joe. The teacher had other siblings from my family in the past, and she asked my dad why the talented kids weren't the ones in art class. She was more than right.

However, I think my project turned out better than I would have projected knowing my skills and ability level. I didn't get too fancy or anything, but I had some good, cheap fun. The best part is that Matt and I now have a place to hang medals. I didn't realize till afterward that it will be completely full in two weeks when we run the Delaware Half. Oh well! Maybe I will just have to extend "RUN" to RUNNER."

Make Your Own
Materials: Wooden letters, acrylic paint, scissors, old Runner's World issues, mod podge, and  small screw-in hooks.

Steps: Paint letters. Cut out scraps to decorate and lay on letters for placing. Mod podge on the clippings. Screw hooks in the bottom of the letters. Hang and display race bling.

Cost: Materials were under $10, and it only took about an hour to make.


  1. What are you complaining about the hot glue incident? It was my leg that got a flower glued to it! But seriously, cute job.

  2. I love this! It's super cute, and it turned out really nice! I may make one soon :)

    Also, I am with you on spending too much on running gear lately... it's bad. I just ordered a new pair of shoes all the way from the UK because they had a color I wanted more than the US ones... and the shipping on that? Well, just don't tell Dan.