Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This girl can't dance.

Well, I think it's fair to say that I suck at Zumba. I have given myself multiple opportunities to look like a fool, and I have decided that Zumba should probably be reserved for my living room only. I bought one of the Zumba games for Xbox Kinect, and it is a lot of fun! If you have a Kinect, then I suggest giving it a try. I believe they also make one for Wii.

I was lucky enough at the Zumba for ALS charity event to be only one of two people who showed up. I am sad that more people didn't participate, but it ended up being more like a mini personal Zumba lesson just for me. Despite having my own private lesson, I left with the feeling that I wasn't very good at Zumba. The instructor insured me that I did a good job, but when I thought back on the class, I couldn't think of a single dance I did well. I am not smooth enough to do the Salsa, Samba, or Mambo style routines, and I lacked the attitude for the hip hop routine. Sadly, I think the belly dancing cool down may have been even worse. The instructor did encourage me to come back on a Wednesday night though, so I decided that if I ever made it home from work early enough to go, then I would try it again.

Of course that means that the very first Wednesday following my self-deal-making, I just happened to get home with plenty of time to eat dinner, let my dinner digest some, change into gym clothes, and head to Zumba class. I figured since the instructor was new, and she said they were adding a class, that it would probably be pretty empty after Saturday's showing. I was most definitely wrong. Full class, my friends. Oh, and the new instructor, the one who actually explains the dances before she starts in with complicated moves, she wasn't even the one who was there.

I literally hesitated in the first 30 seconds of the first routine as I tried to decide how noticeable it would be if I walked  out right then...but my resolve kicked in, and I stayed through the class. I still suck at all the dances I said before, but this instructor also did more calisthenic exercises added in the dances. At one point, it felt like I was the kid on the playground who they tell to pat her head and rub her tummy...She had us doing stationary lunges while doing the salsa-like hip shaking that I suck at so much. I had fun to an extent, and I was glad there was an old man who sort of made me look good, but I know for sure, that only my empty living room should be witness to my Zumba endeavors from now on.

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