Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Which came first? The Chicken (of the Sea) or the egg?

"I saw an idea on Pinterest," is usually the start of a downhill story; however, I managed to make something amazing from an idea on Pinterest for the first time last week. I saw the pin a long time ago, and I had originally pinned it for my sister, but it had been floating around in my head ever since. I have found this awesome, protein-packed, breadless tuna salad sandwich to be a Pinterest victory!

Small but mighty!
I first started by making this healthier tuna salad with plain Greek yogurt instead of mayo. Does it taste the same? No, but it doesn't taste bad. It just doesn't taste the same as mayo. I also added a tiny bit of spicy mustard to cut out a little of the tartness from the yogurt. Not up for the mustard, and don't think you can handle the full flavor of the yogurt? Then add two parts yogurt to one part mayo, and at least you are limiting your mayo intake. The next part is the awesome part!

Perfect lunchbox food!
After you have prepared your tuna salad with the yogurt, tuna, and other ingredients of your choosing, slice a boiled egg in half like a deviled egg, dump out the high-cholesterol yolk, and fill the middle with the tuna salad. The protein-packed "sandwiches" are awesome for a mid-day pick-me-up! I found two eggs to be far  more filling than I had originally anticipated, and they are great for diabetics or anyone who's cool really. ;) I am not diabetic, but I generally eat on a diabetic schedule, small meals every two hours or so, because my work schedule is odd, and I have found my metabolism is slowing as I age. This helps keep my energy up, and my mood up with a small, yet filling meal every couple hours.

And in the words of my friend Rachel, "You need to eat more protein!" This is her life code basically, and I am beginning to think she might be right.

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