Thursday, November 14, 2013


Ok, so my friend Sheila usually dedicates each mile of a race to a person who has inspired her, so I have decided to list 26 things that I learned, appreciated, strive to emulate, or received from my grandma.

1. My Dad: He is amazing, and I owe that to her on more than one level.
2. Humility: My grandma taught me through her actions that it is more important to focus on what can be accomplished rather than who is getting credit for the accomplishment.
3. Spiritual guidance: My grandma was a woman with very strong faith, and she showed me that you must have faith at all times and trust that God knows what he is doing.
4. Casserole: Catholics may be known for their fish frying abilities, but I'll take my grandma's Baptist casserole recipes over fish any day of the week. There are few things in life that can't be cured with a combination of egg noodles, a cream soup, cheese, and some sort of meat all baked to a delicious perfection.
5. Driving: My dad may have taught me to drive, but I am definitely my grandma's granddaughter when it comes to the road. "Now, Mister Jeep! You just stay in your lane!"-- My siblings and cousins will understand.
6. Patience: I only ever heard my grandma raise her voice at us kids once in my entire life, and trust me, we deserved it far more often than once.
7. Storytelling: My grandma had an excellent memory when it came to things that happened long ago, and she told me stories pretty much any time I asked. And anyone who knows me, knows that I will tell you stories all day long...literally.
8. Cardigan Love: Who doesn't love a good sweater or cardigan? Grandma did, and I definitely do!!
9. Staples: there are two things your house should never be without: Velveeta and Vaseline.
10. Cookies: They should always be made with margarine or Crisco. Real butter causes cookies to become flat and crispy. And don't spray the cookie sheet!
11. Strength: My grandma endured far more than most people could even fathom, but she was never bitter or angry. She just carried on with strength, dignity, and grace.
12. Integrity: She always did right by people whether they were strangers or family, my grandma treated them with the utmost respect while following her convictions and always doing her very best in all she did.
13. Acceptance: Number 12 is misleading... my grandma didn't know a stranger. Everyone you meet is family... treat them accordingly.
14. Bookworm: The only books I ever witnessed my grandma reading were devotionals and her Bible, but she worked in a library, and I loved going to work with her when I was little.
15. Reverence for the Past: Grandma took me on multiple memorial day trips to pay respect and show an appreciation for those who had passed and how they impacted her life.
16. Gratitude: Give thanks in all things. There is a reason for every thing that happens, and you don't need to always know what that reason is. Give thanks for what you have because there is someone with far less, going through far more, who is not complaining about their circumstances.
17. Forgive: Bitterness rots the bones. Forgetting is not always an option, but forgiveness is always an option, and though it may be hard at times, it is far better to release that burden from yourself by showing forgiveness.
18. Love and Live Fully: Life is precious. Yours and those around you. Live, Love, and be loved.
19. Pray.
20. Give: There are far greater rewards in giving than in receiving.
21. Focus: It's not about being the best. It's about doing your best.
22. Play your high cards first: Don't get caught with a ton of  negative points in your hand, and never pick up a large number of cards from the discard pile unless you can score more points than you'd be caught with if the next person went out. According to my grandma, I never actually beat her in Rummy... the one time I did, I looked at the score pad afterward, and she had accidentally written Noelle (my sister) instead of Michelle, so no record exists.
23. Work: Work hard, but do what makes you happy... it's not only about what makes you money.
24. Cobbler: Unlike pie, it only needs one crust, and it doesn't have to look pretty! And always double check your cinnamon to make sure you didn't accidentally grab chili powder.
25. Keep your promises: If you lose everything else, you'll still have your word, and that stands for something.
26. Move: Your mobility is fleeting, and you may be robbed at any time.

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  1. I loved this. So sweet and made me giggle. Your grandma sounds like a great role model for you and everyone!