Saturday, November 3, 2012

Miracle Worker

I am so happy right now. It may be a bit of runner's high again, but I have not experienced one in a while due to the terrible shin splints that I have had lately. I have tried to rest, and I have tried to run, but I wasn't very successful with either one, which only led to more pain and sadness. I would try to run, but then get sad because of the pain that made me stop. I would then try to rest, which would make me stir crazy.

I tired so many things to get rid of the pain so that I could run again because I am supposed to run an 8.4 mile race a week from today, and I haven't been able to keep my distance up because I haven't been able to run. I tried tying plastic wrap on the point of pain, epsom salt, arnica cream, ice, yoga, and athletic tape. Nothing worked. After my second week of rest, I tried to run today, but at half a mile, I turned around and hobbled back home literally in tears.

I decided that I had tried everything else, so I would try one more option. I called a local GNC to find out if they carried KT Tape, and to my satisfaction, they did. I went to the store and bought a roll. When I got home, I immediately applied some in the pattern for shin splints. The residual tightness from my attempt at running this morning went away as soon as I applied it. I couldn't wait any longer, I had to try it out. I left home a little bit excited and a little bit nervous. Early on in my run, I realized a huge smile was plastered to my face, and it stayed there the whole way. I wasn't in any pain!!! I hobbled home in tears, and then a few hours later, I was running with a smile on my face! The best part of all was that I ran my fastest 5k ever!! EVER!! No pain and a new PR!

I am so glad I bought KT Tape, and I am going to get more right away because it is seriously amazing!!

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