Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 in Review

As I will be leaving for the Midwest super early in the morning so that I can spend Christmas at home with family, this will likely be my last post of 2012. I have had so many new, great, strange, and funny experiences in my endeavor to be an active person this year, and I have chronicled them here on my blog for everyone's enjoyment. I have been very sick, so my activity has declined recently, so I thought I would take the time to do some reminiscing and post my favorite memories, books, and supporters of 2012.

Year at a Glance

1) "Anything For 10: The background story," is the first thing I ever posted on my blog, and it is a synopsis of why I started running, and a recap of my first half marathon experience.

2) "It's been a long week," is one of those posts/weeks that pops into my head randomly, and I can't help but start laughing every time it does. It really is ridiculous that all these things actually happened to me.

3) "Running Mates," is one of my very favorite stories from this year because it has been a big year for me. I got engaged and moved across the country with my favorite person, and we even ran another race together despite the craziness that is described in this post.

4) "Big Wheel," is a great because this year I branched out to expand my fitness horizons, and it was an interesting year of experiences indeed. My introduction to spin class is just one of my new experiences.

5) "Keep the Connection," is one of those posts that I read over and over again. I have had so many personal growth experiences throughout 2012, and this is one of the concepts that I plan to bring with me to the new year.

Thanks to Supporters

I am so thankful to my brother Joe and his wife Katie. They are two of the people who will talk to me and let me talk to them endlessly about running. There have even been months this year when I called my brother on a daily basis for running advice or complaints.

My fiance, Matthew, although he doesn't always want to hear about my running, has been drug to races this year with me, and he puts up with me on a daily basis. He has even reluctantly taken pictures of me at races and whatnot so that I could put them here on my blog. He also allowed me to put my bibs and medals up on my closet despite my saying repeatedly that our apartment is not a dorm room.

The regular readers of my blog are amazing. I get messages of encouragement from friends and readers often, which is one of the things that helps me to keep moving forward in meeting my goals. I hope that you too can benefit from my experiences and encouragement.

And I wouldn't be writing this blog at all if is wasn't for my Anything For 10 Sister, Grace. She is awesome. She is always telling me that I can do anything I really put my mind to, and she has been an amazing support to me even when she was halfway around the world. I am so glad she challenged my family to start running.

Favorite Running Book of 2012

Now my favorite book of 2012 isn't a book that was published in 2012, but it is a book that I have read in 2012 that has been inspiring to me. I recently read Mile Markers by Kristin Armstrong, and I must say that I plan on buying it so that I can read it over and over. It is a running book geared at women, sorry gentlemen, and I am so motivated by her stories and insights. It is a must read for any women who run, not just marathoners.

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  1. And I forgot to also thank my sister, Nurse Noelle, who always gave me advice on when to forge ahead and when to slow it down.