Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big wheel keep on turnin, thighs just keep on burnin!

Ok, I may have changed the lyrics a bit, but there is no experience in the world quite like having a staring contest with yourself in a mirrored, black lit room while a 50 year old woman on a spinbike is kicking your butt. I went to my first spin class today. It was easy to tell that I was a newbie by the fact that I was the only one in the room without at least one towel, a bottle of water, and some kind of sweat-catching headband. Ever since I decided that I wanted to try out spin class, my fiance has been commenting that he doesn't understand what could be so challenging about the whole thing. Well, here's a challenge; I challenge him to go to spin class with me this Sunday. Yeah, he needs to have that one of a kind experience that I had the pleasure to experience today.

At the beginning of the class, I was thinking over and over that I wish I had asked how long the class was before it started. I thought to myself, "It couldn't last longer than 15 minutes, right?" 15 minutes came and went, but the class just kept on spinnin. I was sad that during the standing jog reps at the beginning, I had to sit down early. I was also stunned by the idea of "transitioning into a sitting position" after each jog or climb. Let me tell you, there was no transitioning about it. This big hipped girl was not a fan of the mirrored walls during those rocky "transitions." I hit a major low when I noticed that Lucy, the old woman next to me, was using the "resting" parts as dance breaks as she pedaled along. And once again, it was apparent to everyone that I was dying because Lucy, bless her heart, she not only danced along, she started cheering me on. Awesome.

I started feeling better about halfway through class. I had been thinking about how my 2 half marathons were nothing compared to this spin class. That was part of what helped me get through an hour long torturous class. I  realized that I could do it. Spin class surely falls under the category of "anything," and I can do anything for 10,  right? I figured out part way through the difference between seated pedaling and standing pedaling. I had no idea there was a difference, but if the toes are relaxed while standing, it keeps the knees from buckling under you, which is sure to tip everyone off that you are new as you trip over yourself without actually being able to fall looks quite ridiculous. I am already excited to go back though, and I will have a towel, water bottle, and fiance in tow!

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