Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life in the Fast Lane, Not the Fast Food Lane

If you're anything like me, then you probably don't have a lot of time during the week to make breakfast or lunch, let alone eat it. Whether you're spending your weekdays in a cubicle, cradling a bundle of joy, or somewhere in between there just isn't always time to spare for making healthy nutritious meals during the week. I have started taking steps to make my life easier when the stress of the middle of the week sets in. Here are some of my tips for making your life a little easier.

1. Eggs. Eggs are my best friend these days. On Sunday I make a bunch of boiled eggs and scrambled eggs to eat throughout the week. I eat scrambled eggs for breakfast and boiled egg whites with my lunch. Scrambled eggs can be heated in the microwave! I have them in individual containers in my fridge, and when it takes 30 seconds or less to reheat, it makes for a quick and filling breakfast on a weekday morning. Pair them with some whole wheat toast and some fruit for a powerhouse breakfast! Egg whites are filling and super easy to eat while doing other things.

2. Plan ahead and Prep ahead. Know what will be for dinner each day of the week, write it down, and then prep the things you can ahead of time. It won't seem so daunting to make dinner when basically all you have to do is heat or bake something delicious that you've prepped earlier in the week. Crockpot meals are also easy to throw together in the middle of the week, but they can also be high in sodium, so watch your recipes and try to choose healthy options.

3. Invest in your lunch. At my workplace, I do not have access to a refrigerator or microwave, so I eventually learned that I needed to get a lunch box and reusable ice packs. After a few weeks of sandwiches and cold food, I realized that I also needed to invest in a thermos. Get a lunch box that you like, which they make plenty of grown-up lunch box options these days, and then you will want to pack your lunch. This is also great because you can usually get everything ready the night before, and then just throw it in the lunch box before you run out the door.

4. If you are living in cubeland, then make the water cooler your friend! I have started to take advantage of all that the two spout water cooler has to offer. I used to only use the cold spout to refill my water bottle that I am always toting around. Recently I have discovered the greatness that is the hot spout. Oatmeal is a great alternative to cold lunches and soups. I also make a green tea when the afternoon grog starts to set in.

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