Saturday, April 20, 2013

Becoming One of Those People

It's always nice to shake up your workout routine. It can make working out more fun on a day when you don't really feel like doing anything, or it can give your body that change of pace needed to meet goals. Today I didn't really feel like going to the gym, but with my half training nearing race day, I have really been neglecting strength training to get in more mileage. I have mapped out and run various lengths to the gym to get in some miles and strength training, but with the sun shining on this spring day, I decided to shake it up.

I ran to a park that surrounds a lake that is near where I live, and then stopped to do my strength training circuit.  I did 10 push ups, 10 chair dips on a park bench, 30 crunches, and 30 reverse crunches. And then repeat. It was so nice to have such lovely scenery while working out on such a beautiful day. I even felt more energized on my way home than I did on the way there! Matt commented that I was "one of those people," when I told him what I'd done. He opted for football in the park with friends over working out with, "one of those people." It is always good to shake it up whether you are being active with friends or going solo.

Laying it all out on the line: Progress Pictures

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  1. Hahaha, I love it! "One of THOSE people"... how funny! There is a park close to my house, and I tried running there, and I hated it... there are a few stoplights between here and there, and I HATE waiting at them... and since Iive downtown, they are unavoidable! :( But running at the park is so much fun, so I drive there... makes me feel silly, though!