Saturday, December 21, 2013

Runner's Rambles: PSA for non-runners and runners alike.

I always try to be cautious when I am out for a run, and starting this streak has put me outdoors for more runs this winter than I would normally be willing to endure. Winter is generally cold and dark and gross, except for today which was 60 degrees in Philadelphia and coincidentally the first day of winter. Knowing that it was going to be warm today, I waited till I got home from work this evening to run.

I live on the corner of a very busy intersection, and it only took that first step out into the road to get my gears grinding tonight! I ran past a line of cars stopped at the stoplight, and the light turned green and the walk sign lit up just as I got to the curb, so I glanced over my shoulder at the cars, and trotted out when I saw it was clear. THEN a car pulled out and layed on the horn because I was presumably in the way. It is a good thing that I was raised as a kind Midwestern girl because I kept both middle fingers tucked out of sight instead of throwing up the double barrels, as I might have if I had actually been raised in Philadelphia, rather than Kansas City.

I was wearing reflective gear, a flashing light, only one earbud, and I crossed when it was my turn. I did not at all appreciate the treatment that I got from this person, and though it may have sparked a great 5k time for me tonight, I would much rather it hadn't been achieved in such a manner. I hope that all runners will follow safety precautions to keep both motorists and runners safe. Wear lights, reflective gear, and an ID band. Use sidewalks anytime they are available! When you have to run on the road, be sure to stay to the side, and run facing traffic to watch for motorists who may not see you. Make sure someone knows roughly where you're going and how long you expect to be gone, and ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings.

Motorists, please take a second to see that runners are people, not merely an inconvenience. I do my best to always stay out of the way, and I have just as much of a right to enjoy my neighborhood on a run as you do to drive down the road. Know that runners are not purposely trying to mess up your morning or evening by making you wait an extra couple seconds at a stop sign as we cross the road. We are just trying to live happy, healthy lives! Personally, I always try to muster the least painful expression I can manage, coupled with a wave when a car passes, and it wouldn't hurt to wave or smile back at me! But honking is often unnecessary, and hitting me would most likely hurt, so just be aware that there are runners in all seasons, and in general, we try to stay out of your way as much as possible! I am just asking for a little human courtesy!

This ramble was brought to you by Run Streak Day 11.

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