Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Year in Review and Looking Forward to the New

I set out to be a more thankful person in 2013. As I look back on the year, I realize how simple that goal should have been for me. There were days when giving thanks for what I have seemed more difficult than others, but I truly am blessed. In 2013, I counted my blessings, left the teaching field to pursue a job where I can connect with people and talk about running, ran a marathon, started a running streak, and best of all, I married my favorite person. It seems that for me, 2013 truly was one for the books.

I love making a resolution every year. It is nice to feel like you're starting new and moving forward with purpose. This year, I have decided to try to run 365 consecutive days, and focus on keeping my house more organized. I am thinking the organization will prove to be the harder resolution. I am not an organized person in general, and we plan to make a small move here in PA this spring. It seems that I may in fact be making a resolution for Matthew to also be more organized so that we can stay on track with everything going on this year. Hahaha! I am also hoping to shave some time off my half PR and run my second marathon.

Happy New Year to everyone, and remember throughout 2014 that you can do ANYTHING FOR 10!! 
Be happy, healthy, thankful, and present in your life this year!

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  1. Love this! Good luck with running 365 days - you can do it! :)