Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hitting a rough patch...

I have let myself slack quite a bit on my running schedule lately. I forgot that rain tends to come with spring, and  I pretty much hate rain. I usually run around 4 am in order to be ready for work on time, and I have been under  quite a bit of stress lately, so when my alarm goes off and it's raining, I just let myself go back to sleep. I have decided that I still won't run in the rain, but if it is raining, I will hit the treadmill this week. I even skipped my increase run this week, which is usually something I am a stickler on.

Now the last time I ran, I went out on a 6 miler much later in the morning than I usually run because I had the day off work. I was also in a bigger and much more populated town than I live in, so I encountered way more people on my run than I normally do. This led me to develop a product in my head that I think would be a big hit. I would like a shirt that tracks the miles and elevation changes on a nice big display across my chest and back. This would keep me from being so annoyed when I get looks from people who clearly wonder why I look like crap. They could note that I am at the end of mile 6 and that I took on some massive hills, and then there would be no need for the judgement and wonder on their part. Because I think it is highly unlikely that a company will pick up my idea anytime soon, I think I may just make a shirt that has giant letters across the front that read, "Don't worry. I'm probably NOT on mile 1. It's ok if I look like crap."

And now to get back on track with my training...and my blog. Keep me on my feet, people! Literally.

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  1. Hahaha! I love the shirt idea. I would totally go for one. :) I like making fun shirts to wear while running races... I need to think of a fun one for my half in August! During my first one, I wore a shirt that said: "12 weeks ago this sounded like a good idea!" on the back... and everyone loved it!