Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring has sprung!

In my running this week, I have been able to admire the beauty of spring. I am in love with the weather and newness of all the plants blooming. I was happy and reminiscent as I saw all the blooming lilac bushes. Lilacs always remind me of my oldest friend, Laura. We have been friends ever since she told me were new friends when we were in Kindergarten. It's not that she is bossy, it just that she knows what everyone else should be doing. It worked out well as we grew up that she was organized and constantly telling me what was going on because I am completely unorganized and never know what's going on.

I have been impatiently waiting to see the first iris bloom this spring. The warm weather has tricked me into thinking they were late, but in all actuality, seeing one in March was probably a tad bit early. I did see one this week. Only a single iris had bloomed, and it was right next to a lilac bush. It was purple. This also has great significance to me, and to my friend Laura. Cara, Laura's mom, lost her battle with lung cancer when we were in high school. Purple iris's remind us that she is still with us. Her kindness and wisdom are always with me, and I  hope that I am able to accurately channel her wisdom and kindness in my life.

This does have more to do with running beyond my seeing lilacs and iris this week on my runs. This fall I ran the  Lung Hill Run in Kansas City. The race raises money for LUNGevity. There are probably several readers who made a judgement as they read that Cara died from lung cancer. Cara never smoked. Not a single puff in her whole life, but she still suffered the atrocity of hard-fought battle with cancer. LUNGevity raises money for lung cancer research and awareness that lung cancer doesn't just affect smokers.

Learn more about LUNGevity Foundation and lung cancer here

Now about the Lung Hill Run, it kicked my butt. I ran the 5k. Laura worked as a race course volunteer, and two of Laura's other friends signed up to do the 5k walk. I know I should have been more prepared for the tough race course because the word HILL is in the name of the race, but I was seriously surprised at how hard the hills were. The course partially overlapped the Kansas City Marathon course that I had run a month earlier, completing my first Half Marathon. The two biggest hills in the Half were the two smallest hills in the Lung Hill Run. I laughed at one point going up the biggest hill when a boy in a jogging stroller next to me told his mom to go faster, and she replied that she was going as fast as she could. It was so funny. Overall, it was a great run, for a great cause, with a great friend.

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  1. I saw purple iris on my walk yesterday. I also though of Cara. <3