Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making a List and Checking it Twice

When I ran my first half marathon, I learned the lesson that one should be overly prepared. I generally have to travel at least a little to get to the city where the race will be held, and while it is not a destination race, I still have to pack things up to travel half way across the state. This requires more planning than I realized last time, and I plan to learn from the error of my ways. So what exactly, will I be doing differently?

As far as my feet are concerned, I will be way more prepared this time around because I learned something that could only really be learned through experience. I have had small blisters before when running, but I had massive blisters after I finished my 13.1. It was late fall, which is not exactly flip flop weather in Missouri, so I only packed closed shoes for my weekend trip. That was a big mistake considering I couldn't wear closed shoes for days. I have a pair of flip flops packed, and I even have running socks packed in hopes that the blisters won't be as severe. (Be warned that I am going to put a blister picture at the bottom for those who are intrigued.)

There are two things that were a slight hitch on race day that I should have already been prepared for. I forgot to pack my watch, so I had to guesstimate as I ran and asked the road block cops for the time. It was probably good in the long run, but I plan to do a run walk this time, so the watch is a must. I also forgot to plan ahead when it came to breakfast. Although the hotel offers breakfast, I will be bringing my own, and I have plans to stop by the store on Friday as I head toward the city where the race is being held.

Here's to showing you all a finisher's medal is just a few short days!!

It's not the clearest picture, but 
that thing was a beast, 
and it was not the only one!

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