Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fit-Lit. Chat

I am going to review two books that I read on my winter running break. The first is an overall fitness book called Faster, Better, Stronger by Eric Heiden, M.D. and Massimo Testa, M.D. The other book I will be reviewing in this Fit-Lit. Chat is the book Run for Life: The anti-aging, anti-injury, super-fitness plan to keep you running to 100 by Roy M. Wallack. I enjoyed these two books the most out of all my winter fitness reads, so I decided it would be a great way to start off with my new Fit-Lit. Chat posts. I hope to read a couple opposing books on nutrition to do a Fit-Lit. Chat comparison on soon! I hope you enjoy!

Faster, Better, Stronger
 Eric Heiden, M.D. and Massimo Testa, M.D.

I enjoyed reading about all the ins and outs of getting fit and reaching goals that this book had to offer. As a beginner on my road to healthy living, I was able to really take in new information that I could use as fuel when learning about goals, limitations, options, pitfalls, results, etc. It outlines a 12 week plan that readers can implement, but I believe this is one of those books that I will just be revisiting as often as possible and using what is most pertinent to me at that particular time. I think this book would be a great for readers of all fitness and ability levels. The authors are Olympians, doctors, and coaches, so the information is thorough, scientific, and motivating without being too heavy for the average Joe. The other up side that many people may enjoy is that it does not focus solely on running, but more on fitness, goals, and bio-mechanics in general. I checked this book out from my public library, but it is available online in paperback, hardback, and ebook from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Run for Life: The anti-aging, anti-injury, super-fitness 
plan to keep you running to 100 
Roy M. Wallack

Run for Life is by far the best running book I have read so far. I may not buy in to all the movements and ideas presented in the book, but I was still fascinated by each section. It has amazing interviews with legendary runners like Bill Rogers and Bobbi Gibb. There are also all kinds of great tips from running great Jeff Galloway. I learned so much from this book about form, momentum, bio-mechanics, motivation, and cross-training! It seems that running would be an activity that is just common sense, you put one foot in front of the other, but when I first started learning to run a year ago, I quickly realized I had so many questions, and this book answered most of them. I read this whole book in a single afternoon because I found it so education and interesting. I believe this is another book that I will be reading again and again. I also checked this book out from my public library, but it is also available in paperback and ebook from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Wallack also co-authored the book Bike for Life, which I have not read, but understand that it is the same concept only with information on cycling. I have added that book to my summer reading list!

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