Monday, April 27, 2015

Ye Who Enter, Abandon All Dignity

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; you can't care what other people think if you are going to be a runner. From the clothes, to the races, to the time, to the money, to the absurd behavior, you just have to decide early on that you don't care what other people think if you want to be a runner. You have to get very comfortable with yourself, and with doing whatever will make you comfortable, even if those things might cause passersby, other runners, or even sometimes your loved ones to judge you.

I spent some time planning a course of action to hopefully train for a distance and course PR with my sister-in-law, and my brother sat in the same room begrudgingly agreeing to our demands as he likes to train in his own all-out-no-pain-no-gain kind of way. We have agreed to run the Kansas City Half Marathon in October, which was the first half we all ran together. And this time, Anything For 10 Grace, and possibly my husband's sister may even run with us. I was feeling good!! Of course I was! Writing in a planner takes far less effort than actually training!!

I eventually set out for my run this afternoon, and I was looking legit! Which by the way, is a sign that I was spending more time stalling than anything else. You don't need to look good to go for a run. The other problem with getting all decked out for a run, is that you can tend to look like a bit of a fool when you end up walking pretty much the whole thing.

I spent the first half of my run being scared out of my mind that every little stick was a snake thanks to seeing a picture of a snake that one of my friends from college encountered on a recent run. Then there's the whole not-running-consistently-lately issue. I haven't been running consistently, and when I go out to the trail, I am running down hill on fresh legs, so I end up running way faster than I should, so I am all worn out way early. So there I was a mile in, dressed to the nines, and I was walking along....because you definitely need compression sleeves to go for a walk.

I felt terrible. I looked ridiculous. It was a win-win obviously. And then I started thinking about all the ridiculousness that I had put out there for the world to see before. I have run red-faced to the finish line well after most others have finished their races. I have bundled up and run in the snow. I have gone for a run when it was flash flooding. I have been passed by POWER WALKERS. I have worn hydration belts, and hydration backpacks, and compression sleeves, and running hats with crazy hair trying to escape. I have pretended that I wasn't just walking and complaining at races when I got to the photographer (Thanks, Donna!), and I have embarrassed my husband by insisting on wearing my race medals all day after I finish a race no matter where we have to go that day. I have worn clothing that people should not have to endure the sight of! I have blown snot rockets quite unsuccessfully. I have done so many things because I am a runner that many people would be embarrassed of , but trying to get out there and get back into shape should not be the thing that makes me feel embarrassed out on a run.

I guess since I am headed back to the KC Half, it is time to get back to basics and tell myself that I can do anything for 10!

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