Monday, June 4, 2012

Let's Get Physical! Assessments, that is!

We would all like to think that we are on track. I know I sure thought I was doing ok. It may not have been my best performance, but I ran a Half Marathon 3 weeks ago! I was shocked and disappointed when I got the news today about the kind of shape my body is really in. Because I recently moved across the country, I also had to sign up for a new gym. The gym my fiance and I chose gives all members an initial physical fitness assessment so that they know where they started. I know that in just a short time I had already lost much of my stamina, and I was nervous to meet with the trainer, but I did not expect to find out what I did. So, what did I find out, how did the assessment go, and what am I going to do about it?

Fred kicked my ASSessment!

When Matt and I signed up for our training sessions, we were informed that the crazy-muscly guy behind the desk would be giving Matt his assessment, and I would be with a guy named Fred. As we were leaving, we saw a trainer walking in drinking a Monster Energy drink. I was so pumped. He TOTALLY looked like a Fred. He was not Fred. Fred was bigger than the aforementioned crazy-muscly guy behind the desk. Ed, the trainer giving Matt his assessment, did our weights, BMI's, and body fat percentages. I am fairly ashamed of my body fat percentage because I just didn't know it was so high. I looked it up on the internet when I got home, and I am still in the "healthy" range, but I am on the verge of tipping into the overweight range. 

Fred had me warm up on the elliptical while he set up a circuit for me. It was killer. He even had me hold a plank for longer than I ever have before...repeatedly. I was so sweaty after 4 rounds on the circuit he designed, but that wasn't the end. Then we went to weight training. I would normally set the adductor on about 30 lbs. Fred set it at 60 lbs. I did all the reps, and I didn't complain or quit. Now, my legs are much stronger than my upper body, so I was just sure he was crazy when he more than doubled what I would normally set the shoulder press at. Once again, I did all the reps, and I didn't complain. During the last set on the shoulder press, Fred asked me if I had eaten breakfast. I assured him I did. He asked if I was ok. I told him I thought I was ok. The truth was that I seriously felt like I was going to puke everywhere. I hadn't fooled Fred. He made me stop, and said we would just cut a few minutes short. I found that we had been working out for 45 minutes. That was honestly the longest and shortest 45 minutes of my life. Thanks, Fred!

What's the plan?

I recently hit my one year running anniversary, so I knew that I would need a new log book. I also knew when looking for one that I would like to start incorporating more than just running so that I would be more inclined to do other activities. I purchased "The Ultimate Workout Log" by Suzanne Schlosberg. I decided that today was as good a day as any to get started recording goals, workouts, and reflections to get myself headed back in the direction I want to go. It is only a 6 month log, but I have already ordered another log I want to try out when this one is full. The first section is a page to record goals for the next six months. There are individual pages for each day with spaces for weight, cardio, strength training, nutrition, daily notes, and a daily rating. The last feature I will share is a weekly wrap up with a section for goal tracking, training totals,  reflections, and a weekly rating. I want to slim down and tone up. I am starting on the path to better and smarter fitness.


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