Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Biggest Anything for 10 challenge yet!

I know that the premise of this site is pushing through things that we don't think we are able to do. Anything for 10, right? So how about 10 days? In the challenge set before me, I am not sure I can make it 10 days. Remember that awesome spin class I took last week? Yeah, it turns out that it gave me an awesomely torn muscle. I tore my right quadriceps.
The Instigator
I didn't feel it too much at first, but I wasn't sure how much pain or discomfort to expect after a spin class. I was more "sore" than I had ever felt before. I told Matt that I didn't even feel that sore after either one of my half marathons. Well, it all makes sense now that I know I wasn't just sore. I had been hobbling around for a day or so and my leg just kept getting tighter and tighter. I kept attempting to stretch it out..For those who don't know, that is apparently the absolute wrong thing to do. When I finally noticed the grapefruit sized lump in the top of my thigh, I knew it was time to call Nurse Noelle. My oldest sister is an RN, and I spent a full day on bed rest at her prescription. Matt was sweet enough to wait on me all day.

The Challenge
I finally felt fully better today, so I hit the gym, and finally finished the unpacking. It has been 20 days after all, so I just needed to be productive and tackle the spare bedroom that was filled with boxes. I conquered the boxes, or so I thought. Turns out that all the carrying, lifting, climbing up and down, and a workout were just a little too much too soon. Touche, boxes. Touche.  Nurse Noelle wasn't happy with my report for the day, complete with a description of the lump that has reappeared, and an ending note to the conversation of my screams into the phone as my leg began cramping up even more. And this is where the 10 day challenge lies. My challenge is to stay off my leg as much as possible for the next 10 days. I must also ice the area and take an anti-inflammatory. The hardest part of all will undoubtedly lie in the return to the gym afterward, which comes with the strict dosage of "freaking taking it easy."

Tip from Nurse Noelle
When forced to use stairs while recovering from a leg injury, always remember, "Good things go to Heaven, and bad things go to Hell." When walking up the stairs, always place both feet on each step, and take it slow! Lead with the good leg when going up the stairs, and lead with the bad leg when going down the stairs. Now you know.

This post is complete with a tribute to Nurse Noelle, as I just picked out my fall half earlier this week. I am waiting to register until I know that I will be able to start training on time after recovering, but if all goes according to plan, I will be running my half on Nurse Noelle's birthday! Happy birthday, Skiss.

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