Sunday, September 16, 2012

Being active doesn't always mean working out!

photo.JPGI know that I haven't posted in over a week, but I have had so much going on in both my personal and professional life right now that it has been hard to find time for anything. I was so happy to finally have a weekend that I could spend relaxing with my fiance, and we decided that we weren't setting an alarm to make it to spin class today. If we had been up in time, we would have gone, but we got up around the time it was starting. We didn't go to the gym, but living an active lifestyle doesn't always mean hitting the gym or pavement each day.

We spent a lovely afternoon at Valley Forge National Historic Park. I love going to museums and historic sites. I especially love presidential libraries even though I have only been to two so far. The thing about museums, historic sites, and state parks is that you really can get some good exercise! At Valley Forge there is an 8 mile walking/biking path that connects the whole park together. We didn't go the entire distance today, but we are excited to go back and bike the whole thing very soon!
Another great thing about going to a state or national park is lunch! Just because you are taking the kids out for the day, or you are out on a date, doesn't mean you have to grab happy meals or eat an over-portioned meal at a sit-down restaurant! We packed a picnic lunch that was healthy. Plus, I just love picnics! Those who know me well probably wouldn't peg me for a picnic kind of girl, but I love packing up my lunch and hitting a trail.
It was fun to see the artifacts, preserved buildings, and monuments at Valley Forge, but at the same time, it was good for our bodies! Next time you are looking for something to do with friends, kids, significant others, or the whole family, check out the state and national parks in your area! These places are usually free of charge! Some states charge parking fees, but even that would be less expensive than paying for movie tickets for everyone. Most parks and historic sites have websites detailing all the necessary information to make your day planning easier. Having a degree in education, and working in the education field, I find it just as important to work your brain as it is to work your body. Why not do both at once? You might be surprised just how much fun you and your family have!

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